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I know it's very late to post this on my blog since this trip was in September, but I need to post this as a highlight in my 2016 year :) I was being irresponsible with this blog to never post anything this year :( I know, I am sorry. I put this on my next year resolution *again* to continuously blogging, wish me luck to not failed again and be a better blogger ^^

Non Entree cafe

So here it is. My first solo trip aboard. Started from out of the blue based on my decision that I should go overseas to test my new e-passport. Yup, just got my new passport and it was an e-passport means that I don't need a visa to go to some country (tbh it is still a few but hope it will grow in the number next next year) like Japan and South Korea.

I got my passport, saving money in my bank account, but the problem is I don't know where to go and the bigger question is when should I go? I am currently working and only have day-off on Sunday. I looked at the calendar and decide to go on holidays even when it is only two-days holiday. Well better than having none right?! So I booked my round-trip flight, one-night accommodation, packed my backpack (cause I travel light) and off to the neighbor country, Singapore!!

Only 2-hours flight, here I was in the most high-end city in South East Asia. But first thing first, let me eat my breakfast ^^ 👆👆👆

It was the second time I visit Singapore and this time my plan was just to strolling around the city, and find something cool about Singapore. I only got one day remember. So forget about Sentosa Island, Universal Studio, or Marina Bay Sand. That's not where I was going.

Lavender street

And there is no perfect place or perfect road to stroll in Singapore other than the famous Orchad Road. So there I go, and as I expected it was packed with tourists. Famous for its branded stores along the road, this road was surrounded with skyscrapers but there's no traffic and easy access if you go there by bus or MRT. So it's nice to just strolling the road and window-shopping if you go on budget-trip *like me* ^^

yes you read it right, Victoria Secret store in Singapore!

you can choose to cross the street literally or use the sky-walk that connected two big malls

The main reason I walk on the Orchad Road is to find the tourist information center, but what I found was beyond than that. I noticed that the building of the Tourist Information Center of Singapore in Orchad Road was quite unique. An art-deco with a touch of Chinese-Malay style. And inside you can find the information about Singapore and the attractions around Singapore. And they sell some souvenirs too you can buy.

I ended up buying some postcards inside and when I get outside I find a small road just next to the building and along the street there are some houses in the same architecture style.

The street is not full of tourists so it's quite nice

Later I learned the the street named Emerald Hill Road.

I feel glad to learn that they still preserve their heritage in the middle of modern buildings and skyscrapers around this street. And I think it must be nice to live in that kind of house with a nice scenery than in an apartment in the city.

yea that's me!! ^^

this white building is The Tourist Information Center building
After getting a lil bit tired of walking under the sun lights I choose to strolling inside the malls, window-shopping while deciding where to go next.

Oh if you like me who only have one day to visit Singapore or if you in transit more than 8 hours, you can choose to go around the city by using public transportation. And it was so easy you only have to buy one card to have access to ALL of transportation mode in Singapore. Bus, MRT, LRT, you named it. It's called Tourist Pass card and you can choose one-day pass, two-days pass or even three-days pass. You can buy this card at the airport just right before you jump on to the MRT. There is ticket counter only for buying this pass card. And the officer will kindly give you the transportation map so you can learn the route.

the fountain of luck. I forgot to throw my coin there :(

Like I said before, I got the pass to use the public transportation so I used it to get to my next destination. And I choose to go there by bus so I can sightseeing the city 'cause if you go by MRT you cannot see anything you moved underground but that's the fastest way to go. The bus was nice, and very convenient.

From Orchad Road to my next destination I passed many tourist spots and famous five stars hotels. What I learned is Singapore has a great sense of architecture. You can spot modern building everywhere then you can see some building was designed using old-architecture style. And my next destination is one of the most eye-catching things in Singapore. No it's not that big-ship-modern-building thing, but you can enjoy seeing that building from where I headed next.

even inside the modern building there's still some greenery to balance it

Yup, here I go next. The Singapore Flyer, the 'London-Eye' of Singapore.

Not many of you have known that you can enjoying the bird-eye view of Singapore in only one round of ride through this moving capsule, The Singapore Flyer. One thing more I learned about Singapore, they are all into the fengshui. Everything was built based on the calculation of luck. They do the math based on their culture of catching the luck. Like this Ferris-wheel which has 28 air-conditioned capsules, which each capsule can accommodate 28 people, and moving in a clockwise 28 times a day. Seems like 28 is a lucky number.

messy hair don't care

the miniature of Singapore Flyer

If you wan to enjoy the Singapore night view full of lights, you can go up at night, but if you want to catch the two views both when the Sun still up and the night view you can go at around 7 pm. At the half ride you can enjoy the dim light as the Sun set and the next half you can see the night view as the building and the skyscrapers turn its lights on.

make sure to spend some time at the museum just before you jump in to the capsule

all metals

it even has a dinner capsule which moving twice longer than the regular

When I finish the round it's already night. So I moved on to find some dinner and almost forget to check in to my hotel. I remember the last time I was in Singapore there was one thing you should do if you go to Singapore; to visit the Merlion. Yes, the mother Merlion is calling me ^^ so there I go.

I don't really remember how to get there. The only thing I know is I took the MRT to go to the Downtown area and the rest I spent walking from this huge field to the pier where the Merlion is. And it was quite tiring to be honest ^^ I almost kill my feet it feels so tired that I walk all day long.

finally~ the Merlion! but it's full of tourists even at night time

low-light don't care
When I was there, Singapore just got ready for the F1 race so I can spot the main road they use for the event and basically the road used was just around that touristy spots like Merlion, Marina Bay Sand and even cross the Singapore Flyer. And when I about to go to the MRT station in downtown I pass the stadium they used for Ultra Music so it was a blast. It was such a nice Sunday night I had in Singapore.

The next morning I decided to visit one last place before I headed home. I went to visit The China Town area. Strolling around the area I find it interesting and really eye-catching.

Yup, the only reason I visit China Town is I was hungry and looking for some street-food. ^^ But I ended up buying some bread from the bakery store near the food frenzy. The bread was nice though.

the face you made when you get stranded

Just when I about to find my way back to the MRT station, I get lost but I find an interesting place. This is Sri Mariamman temple, a sacred place where the Hindus in Singapore take a pray. It is the oldest Hindus temple in Singapore. Tourist can go inside the temple but you have to pay for the pass and no camera allowed inside.

mostly the Hindus are SIngapore-Hindi people

cow is the sacred animal in Hindus

finally find my way back to the China town

above the clouds

After taking a lot of pictures and it's almost time to leave, I bid a farewell to Singapore. From China town MRT station I took a straight MRT ride to the airport. It was a nice short holiday and hoping that I may have some time to visit Singapore again one day, since it's only two-hours flight away from home ^^

And maybe it's time to plan another trip to test my passport again?! ;)

"I dare to say that Singapore is the smartest one among the other South East Asia country. They have high living-standard, good literacy rate, and preserve their heritage. But I believe my country is getting there too. Still I love Indonesia more than any place where I can be. That is where I called home"

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